Always Perform an Electrical Inspection Before You Buy a New Home

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased a new home. It’s the biggest investment you’ll ever make, but buying a new home without a proper electrical inspection could be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.

A standard home inspection briefly checks the electrical aspects of your new home, but only a residential electrician in Trumbull, CT will take an in-depth look at your home and identify any potential electricity issues that will end up costing you a lot of time and money if not fixed immediately.

Professionals always recommend having an electrical inspection before you buy a home, but in cases where the home is over 40 years old or has had major renovations, a thorough electrical inspection is an absolute necessity for a variety of reasons.

Inspect for your own safety

Electrical failure is one of the top causes for house fires in the US. Between 2007 and 2011, the National Fire Protection Agency estimates that faulty electrics were to blame for 144,000 house fires. Don’t let your house become another statistic! A residential electrician in Trumbull, CT will be able to easily identify any wiring problems that they believe could cause a fire. Faulty electrics can also shock you. Minor shocks are only an annoyance but a big shock can cause serious health issues.

Inspect to save money

A simple electrical inspection before you purchase a home will end up saving you a ton of money in the long run. If an electrician walks through your potential home and spots a problem, you’ll either a) reconsider buying the house, or b) have the current homeowner fix the problem before you buy. If you’ve already bought the house and need to have the wiring fixed, that’s going to be a very costly repair.

A house that hasn’t had its wiring inspected could actually end up being very electrically inefficient, which will lead to a higher electric bill each month. By calling an electrician to inspect before you buy the house, you can save money each month.

Inspect to avoid electrical inconveniences

We all expect our electricity to work all of the time. And rightfully so, it’s 2016 after all! However, if you’ve purchased a house that has preexisting electrical problems you may notice that your appliances don’t always work. Old circuit boards can become overloaded when too many appliances are running at once and can blow a fuse. If that happens, your appliance might break, your electricity could go out, or both.

Faulty switches are also very annoying. If the previous homeowner tried to rewire a switch him or herself, they could have really messed it up. Your light switch might turn on the fan, or might not even work at all! Just another hassle that we shouldn’t have to deal with anymore.

Before you buy your next home, call us at 203-656-1800 to schedule a home inspection. Our highly trained electricians will do an exhaustive walk through of your potential home and alert you of any foreseeable electrical vulnerabilities.