Six Ideas for Landscape Lighting Installation in Trumbull, CT That Can Enhance Your Pool

Summer is finally here, and enjoying your pool is likely a big highlight of the season. While it provides joy and entertainment, you can also turn it into a water feature with landscape lighting installation in Trumbull, CT courtesy of your electrical contractor. There may also be ways to make your pool area less dangerous. If you would like to light your pool beyond the simple utilitarian lights, here are six ideas for adding extra style and safety:

  • Colored lights: With different colors of lights, you can make your pool look otherworldly. Most pools are equipped with plain white lights, but adding red, purple and blue can make it glow in a distinct fashion. If you choose the right combination, you can feel like you are swimming in a magical land or even on another planet!
  • Water feature highlights: If you put in the effort to install a fountain or waterfall with your pool, adding the right lights can make it shine even at night. Spotlights or back lights that highlight the feature can make your yard look stunning. You will not only get to enjoy your pool but also treat it like a work of art in itself.
  • Tree canopy strings: You likely do not have tall trees growing right next to your pool, but if you have any nearby, light them up, too. Pool lighting often serves to provide safety by highlighting the location of the pool so no one falls in unintentionally. Adding lights to surrounding trees and plants also creates a unique nighttime summer look that produces the perfect after-hours oasis for your pool area.
  • Light shows: The same timers that turn your lights on and off at certain times of the day can also produce a light show effect for your pool. Setting lights to change color in and around your pool works great for those nighttime pool parties, or for just making your swim a little more interesting. Homeowners have also requested laser beam effects so that the light show is not limited to the water. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Pool stairs and ladders: When swimming at night, it is easy to become disoriented and forget where you can exit the pool. If ladders and stairs are not illuminated, consider getting that done, too. You may also want to see if they require extra lighting since, in some pools, design dictates that you rely on general pool or porch lights rather than specific stair lighting. This extra feature will make it easier for anyone swimming in your pool. Consider lighting these entrance and exit points with different light colors, as well.
  • The area around the pool: If there is a fire pit or outdoor kitchen, take steps to make sure those are well lit. You do not want people accidentally walking into a fire pit with bare feet, as there could be debris that causes injury, even if there is no fire currently lit. If you think something is going to be a hazard, err on the side of caution and give it its own lights.

If you seek skilled landscape lighting installation in Trumbull, CT, contact New England Electrical Contracting, Inc. to arrange for an estimate.