Four Reasons to Leave Electrical Work in Trumbull, CT to a Professional

As a homeowner, you probably have the skills to fix pretty much anything that goes wrong around your house. From a leaky pipe all the way to a faulty electrical system, you don’t need to call a professional to help you with anything. Or so you think… You may very well have some skills, but electrical work in Trumbull, CT should be left to professional electricians for a variety of reasons.

  1. You could seriously injure yourself: Without proper training, the probability of hurting or even killing yourself during a DYI electrical repair is very high. Each year over 30,000 people are treated at the hospital for non-fatal shocking accidents. Getting shocked is not a fun experience. Leave the electrical work to a professional! We’re sorry to say that there are worse consequences to doing electrical work by yourself than just a minor shock. 50,900 house fires are caused by electrical failure each year. These fires kill about 490 people and injure 1,440. Don’t put your life in danger, hire an electrician for all electrical work in Trumbull, CT.
  2. Your work likely isn’t up to code: If you manage to do some electrical work by yourself without getting hurt or burning down your house, congratulations! But, is your work up to code? We’re willing to bet it’s not. Living in a house that’s not up to code is a problem for a couple of reasons. First off, it’s unsafe, which leads back to the point about burning your house down. Secondly, when you try to sell your home and the inspector finds out your house is in violation of the National Electrical Code, you’re going to be facing major fines. The good news is that all of our electricians are well versed in the NEC and will ensure your house meets and exceeds all necessary qualifications.
  3. Your work is probably shoddy: No offense, but you’re no electrician. Any DIY job can result in poor quality work and the stakes are even higher when messing with electricity. Poor workmanship leads to a sub-par job. When it’s all said and done you’ll likely realize that you didn’t do so well. A bad wiring job leads to the above outcomes. Your house won’t be up to code and it’s more prone to electrical fires.
  4. You might cause more problems than you set out to solve: When the job is finally complete, and you’ve managed to avoid being shocked, and your house hasn’t burnt down; you may realize that you did so poorly that you need to call an electrician to undo all of the bad work you did. You could have saved yourself from multiple headaches and trips to the hardware store by just calling an electrician in the first place!

Next time your home needs some electrical work in Trumbull, CT, don’t be afraid to swallow your pride and call an electrician. Our professionals are more than happy to assist you with anything you need. They’ll make sure the job is completed in a timely manner, and everything is up to code.