Why Low Voltage Lighting Is Often Used for Landscape Lighting in Trumbull, CT

Making the inside and outside of your home look as beautiful as possible is a goal that all homeowners have, and one of the best ways to stage a great external aesthetic is with landscape lighting installation in Trumbull, CT. There are many different options that are available, but when you examine the benefits of low-voltage lighting, it is easy to see why it so commonly used with residential landscape lighting.


Through the use of a step-down transformer, the 120v electric supply from your home can be safely converted to 12v for outdoor use, making low voltage lighting one of the safest outdoor lighting options for available for your landscaping. Additionally, since the current traveling through the wires is comparatively lower, this type of lighting can be operated outside without worrying about some of the risks that result when water and high voltage electricity mix, such as electric shock or electrocution. Installation will be much easier and safer for an electrician, and the area will also be safe if a family pet goes digging in areas where the cabling is located.


Low voltage lighting is very flexible, and the design options that you will be able to choose from are endless. Because smaller fixtures can be used safely with low voltage lighting, you will also have the option of adding landscape lighting in Trumbull, CT in the tight, hard to reach spaces of your yard, allowing you to create a cohesive look in all areas of your property. With the plethora of options you will have for low voltage bulbs, fixtures, covers and lenses, you will also have greater control over the beam size and the type of light that is being cast, allowing you to nail down the specific look you are trying to accomplish with your landscape lighting.


With installation being so easy and accessible, rearranging your displays can be just as easy as well. If you find that you want to make simple adjustments to the way your landscape lighting is laid out, this can easily be done at any time. You can also opt to switch up the fixtures for special occasions, such as barbecues or backyard birthday parties. Low voltage lighting is also very efficient, and the bulbs tend to last longer than the incandescent lamps that are used with 120v systems, making low voltage lighting an affordable option as well.

Low voltage lighting is a great choice if you are looking to customize your landscaping and present an elegant appearance at affordable prices. It is also safe, convenient and can easily be installed by a licensed electrician. If you are interested in increasing the appeal of your home and want to learn more about landscape lighting installation in Trumbull, CT, contact the experts at New England Electrical Contracting, Inc. With a comprehensive range of electrical services including installation, repair and surge protection, we can take care of your home both inside and out. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation!