Why Hire an Electrician in Trumbull, CT for Your Home Theater Installation?

Suppose the deciding factor on the purchase of your dream home was a perfect space for a home theater. While many electronics stores include installation services when you purchase the components for your new movie-watching paradise, you may be better off hiring an electrician in Trumbull, CT for your home theater system. Here are five reasons why installation by an electrician will result in a better home theater experience:

  • Multiple components: You and your guests will focus on the large hi-definition TV, but there are several components to a home theater system, including a DVD or Blu-ray player, a cable box, stereo system and the speakers. These items will require electrical connections, and plugging them into the same surge protector may not be the best idea. When you have an electrician on board, you can add outlets and take steps to prevent system overloads. This will lead to cleaner wiring systems and fewer tangled cords, which could become a hazard.
  • In-wall wiring: Wireless is all the rage in electronics. However, wired components still produce superior sound. They are also easier on the budget. Electricians have extensive experience hiding wiring behind walls and even hiding power sources. If you decide to go wild and install a 16-speaker surround sound system, your electrician will wire it up correctly and make it so the sound is noticed more than the appearance of wires strung about everywhere. The result will be an attractive area for enjoying movies.
  • Surge protection: Full-home surge protection offers additional assurance against lightning, but also keeps your electronics safer. Even if you cannot budget for your entire home, installing additional surge protection in your home theater room is well worth the expense. This is often not a service provided by the store installers, and your usual surge protectors may not work with all your different components. Installing this protection along with your home theater will preserve your investment.
  • Additional circuit breakers: If you live in an older home, there is a good chance the wiring has not been updated in 20 or 30 years. This was before homes contained the electronics we enjoy today, including home theater systems. A movie that is demanding on electrical systems could leave you in the dark. In addition to installing your theater, an electrician can also add circuit breakers or adjust your system in other ways to better accommodate your theater. Just like surge protection, this will also keep your electronics running more smoothly.
  • Better sound and pictures: With good connections for all your equipment, there will be no compromise on sound and picture. Your TV will receive the power it requires, as will your sound system. Adjustments will keep both at peak performance so you will enjoy your movie experience much more. Home theater components are often very sensitive, and professional installation that takes into account their electrical needs will make a big difference.

If you require an electrician in Trumbull, CT for a home theater or sound system, contact New England Electrical Contracting, Inc. We look forward to making your home theater dreams a reality.