Whole Home Generators For Your Second Home: Safety & Savings

Like many of our valued customers, you may be looking for a whole home electrical generator for a second home in Connecticut. Or, you may be moving from the New York metropolitan, and are wondering about how the difference in Connecticut’s weather may impact your new property.

Not only is this a good idea for personal convenience, it is also necessary to ensure a high level safety for your family and to protect your valuable investment.

Prepare Now, Avoid a Disaster Later

By now, we are well into the hurricane season, and we can tell you from professional experience that recent major storms passing through Connecticut have caused plenty of property damage and dangerous electrical failures. When a home is left unattended, and without power, this can have an exponential effect on the damage done to home systems.

For example, if heating is knocked out in the winter time, essential water pipes may burst if not heated properly. Assuming the power comes back on and the home is still vacant, the home may continue to feed water from the well, filling the kitchen, bathroom, or entire basements with water, causing severe water damage. If the water in a home well runs out, the pump may continue to run on empty, and burn itself out, requiring a costly replacement or repair.

We’ve heard reports of some customers that live on hard to reach ledges, and the heavy equipment needed to perform the repairs cost thousands of dollars to position correctly in order to repair the damage. All for the lack of having a properly maintained generator that could dynamically regulate power to protect their home.

Advanced Whole Home Generators Keep You Safe

Our advanced home generators are much more than simple backup power. Cutting edge technology in each unit provides a smart solution to brownouts, blackouts, and power surges, turning the unit on and off automatically, and even sending you a notification about potential issues. These units also perform their own basic maintenance, testing themselves regularly for quality and efficiency.

We also offer a full range of convenient in-person maintenance services to ensure that your equipment is always in top shape, and ready to protect your home and investment, giving you peace of mind.

Learn More Today

Want to learn more? Get the protection you need, and the experience you deserve. Contact us today before the winter season makes it harder to install protection for your home, or second property.

We will work with you to determine your options, and provide the best solution for your specific installation.