What To Know About Standby Generator Maintenance

If you are a homeowner or business owner, you are likely familiar with scheduled routine maintenance. Lawn care, site cleaning, and restocking essentials are a basic for everyday life. If you’ve already invested in a whole home generator, there will be a few minor things it would be important to keep up with as time passes.

The Danger of Negligence

You’ve got your generator all set up! It’s installed, tested, and you’re confident in the case of an emergency that you’ll be protected and safe. What now? Now it’s time to protect your investment with a maintenance plan.

Leaving maintenance forgotten and neglected can have disastrous consequences. The solution is simple: routine maintenance.

Preparing For Tomorrow

How often should you inspect your standby generator? It’s good to do a visual check monthly, direct maintenance as needed, semi-annual inspections, and an absolute minimum of annual detailed inspections.

Why so often? A visual check should be self-explanatory and takes less than a couple of minutes, but problems can arise when more detailed inspections aren’t done on a regular basis. Home generators require lube oil, battery fluid, coolant, and filters. These need to be regularly maintained, which is a very easy process with our two-tier service plans. Check out our two levels of service on generators at your property. We make the process simple with bi-annual or annual service contracts that take the guesswork out of the health of your whole home Generac generator.

NEEC Helps You Protect Your Home & Property

A vehicle with 150,000 miles has on average been driven for around 2500 hours, but a well-maintained standby generator can last you between 20,000 to 30,000 hours! Likely, your yearly generator use will be much lower than a vehicle and will last you much, much longer. Regular maintenance is essential to getting the most out of your investment.

At New England Electrical, our maintenance plans are proven effective at giving busy owners peace of mind to use their standby generator with confidence. Contact us by phone or our website to schedule a free inspection and learn more about our maintenance plans.