What Is the Purpose of a Generator?

If you’ve ever been without electricity for an extended period of time, you may know how big of a disaster it can be. Waiting around for your power to come back on can make a few hours seem like a few days. This situation is only worsened when it’s freezing cold outside, and your heat can’t be turned on. However, prepared homeowners have never felt the pain of waiting for an emergency electrician in Trumbull, CT to get their power back up and running. Folks who are ready for any type of emergency own generators for situations just like this.

Before we start talking about the purpose of a generator, it’s probably a good idea to learn what a generator actually is. Propane generators use natural gas and an alternator to provide electricity when another power supply isn’t available. They come in all shapes and sizes and can run from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on how much power you need. Here are some of the ways in which a generator can be a good investment:

  • Emergencies: The most common use for a generator was mentioned above—they are extremely handy when the power goes out and you have to wait for electrical repair in Trumbull, CT. While you probably shouldn’t run all of your appliances on the propane generator, you can have the TV on during rainstorms to keep up to date on the weather situation. Your propane generator can also help keep the heaters on if it’s frigid outside and blankets aren’t keeping you warm enough. Generators are crucial for hospitals and other businesses that must always have a source of electricity. They can literally be lifesavers! These commercial generators also come in handy when there is a power outage somewhere in the grid due to construction or some other type of malfunction.
  • Work sites: Construction workers or anyone who’s ever done a DIY project know how much easier a job can be if you have the right tools. Nail guns and other power tools can expedite any construction process. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a power supply available on construction sites. When that’s the case, people use propane generators to power their tools and get the job done fast. Generators on work sites tend to be on the larger end of the spectrum, but there are also portable generators that you can buy to accomplish any task around your home.
  • Outdoor events: You don’t need to be a construction worker or in need of electrical repair in Trumbull, CT to use a generator. They’re great for outdoor events where you’ll be playing music or enjoying other activities that require electricity. Don’t try to power your event or tailgate with a car battery—buy a generator to get all the power you’ll need from propane fuel!

Don’t get caught unprepared the next time there’s a power outage and you have to wait for an emergency electrician in Trumbull, CT to get to your home. Buy a propane generator today to ensure that you’ll have an uninterrupted power supply. Contact the experts at New England Electrical Contracting, Inc. today to learn more!