What About Used Whole Home Generators?

While some people scoff at buying used goods, there is a reason why garage sales, thrift shops, and auction websites have never gone out of style. When choosing a potentially life-saving piece of equipment like a whole home generator, however, should you outright dismiss the idea of buying used? Consider some informed reasons why it may not be a bad idea to consider purchasing second-hand.

The Obvious: Inexpensive!

It goes without saying that a used generator is less pricy than a new one, but the difference could be more significant than you expect. Purchasing a pre-owned, gently used model could net you anywhere between 20% – 70% in savings! Depending on your requirements, the cost savings may make all the difference in the quality of the model that may have leapt into your price range.

A concern, however, could be the condition of a used model. However, the advantage to purchasing a used home generator through New England Electrical is that you will not be sacrificing quality for price. You’ll still have our 24 hours, 7 days a week guarantee that we’ll be on-site for emergency assistance. Our award-winning service and consultations will be just as quality. Finally, our maintenance plans will keep your used generator running for many years after your purchase.

The Advantage of Whole Home Generators

There are many types of generators, but perhaps the best kind of used generator would be a whole-home model. Why? These are strictly used as a backup source of power. When assessing the quality, or value, of the unit, likely the first thing you’ll want to do is see just how long it’s been run. A backup generator is only used when power is out! This, more than anything, should provide convincing evidence of how lightly these used models will be.

Your Environmental Footprint

A natural gas generator already emits far lower levels of pollutants into the atmosphere than gas or diesel-powered generators. In fact, the EPA relaxed its guidelines for the regulating of natural gas generators. There is also zero risk of fuel spill contamination with this type of generator. Noise pollution is lessened because they run quieter than gas, and they emit the lowest levels of CO2 of all the IC generator types.

Compounded to these benefits, a used generator represents one less wasted unit. Rather than salvaging the used unit into parts or dumping it in a landfill, you’ll be contributing to a more sustainable Earth and minimizing waste.

Used, not Used Up!

The takeaway from this should be that a lightly used generator can be nearly as high quality as a new model, but with a serious reduction in price! If you’re still on the fence, call us at New England Electrical for a consultation. We’ll break down what your property requires, and will help you find the best whole-home generator, new or used, to fit your needs.