Should I Replace My Electrical Panel? How to Tell

Should you replace your electrical panel? This isn’t something that comes up to most homeowners minds unless they’re having an electrical problem that affects day-to-day activities. But it’s always better to prevent problems before they start.

Electrical Panels 101

As you’re probably aware, the electrical panel is also known as a switch box, and is typically a metal box on the lower levels of your house. It houses a number of different switches that “trip” or turn off to protect electrical circuits when overloaded. It’s an important part of your overall electrical system, and you’ll usually find labels on the switches to indicate which portions of the panel are responsible for different areas of your home or commercial property.

How often should electrical panels be replaced?

Even though the electrical panel doesn’t have many moving parts and is very durable, most components of the electrical system will eventually need to be replaced, even if it’s only every 25 years or more. If you live in a newly-built property, it’s probable that you won’t need to worry about your electrical panel for quite a while. However, this question still comes up, so it’s good to know if you need a replacement or not, especially if you live in an older residence that hasn’t had a replacement since the 1990s or earlier.

Defective or old electrical panels are also among the most common causes of electrical fires, so making sure they’re operating well, in good condition, or replacing them with a new one can provide additional protection and peace of mind.

As always, if you’re unsure about whether or not you need to replace your electrical panel (or any electrical component in your home) the friendly and experienced team at NEEC is happy to assist you.

Should I replace my electrical panel myself?

The electrical panel is a central piece of your home’s electrical system. Although there are many DIY guides and YouTube videos on how to do it, we recommend that you only contract a licensed and experienced electrician to service, repair or replace your electrical panel. It’s the safest choice for you and all your appliances.

Can I upgrade my electrical panel?

Sure! Especially if your home or commercial energy needs have changed and you need more amperage for large machinery, appliances, sauna, pool, Tesla wall charger, etc. These new technologies might work better and more efficiently with a more recent model than one from the 70s.

Also, if your home needs more switches and the box is ‘full’ and there is no room for new or upgraded switches, you might find it necessary to upgrade.

How long does it take to replace an electrical panel?

Typically, most electrical panels can be replaced by an experienced and licensed electrician in one day, in four to eight hours. It also depends on some other factors of your particular installation, like if your electrician needs to get to any in-wall wiring to complete the electrical panel replacement. Get an accurate estimate when you get in contact with us to evaluate and consult your particular situation.

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