Portable vs Standby Generators – Which Is Right For You?

Are you weighing the benefits of purchasing a generator for your home? Naturally, you have questions:

  • What kind of home generator should I get? Portable or Automatic Backup Generator?
  • Do I even need a generator?
  • How much should I invest in a home generator?

If you’ve been searching the web for “Home Generator”, you’ll know that many sites advertise Portable Generators on the first page, and for good reason: They’re cheaper, mobile and good in an emergency.

But are they the best option for a homeowner or commercial business? Consider for a moment what a portable generator is intended to be used for, and why a standby generator may be preferable.

What is a portable generator used for?

Using a gas-powered engine, portable generators generate electrical power. There are power sockets directly built into the device for ease of access when plugging in small devices. While this sounds very convenient, a portable generator is really only intended as a stop-gap: A very temporary backup, in an emergency. They can also be used as camping tool, or the power source for a small shed.

In an emergency, you’ll need to physically set the generator up in a secure outdoor location, ensure you follow all safety measures, get it going and run an extension cable to the devices you’d like powered. Also, a steady supply of gasoline is needed to keep this generator operational.

While effective in the short term or under specific conditions, a portable generator is by no means a good choice for an automatic backup power supply for an entire home or business.

Why an automatic backup generator?

If you are interested in an emergency generator for home or commercial usage, an automatic backup generator may be the choice for you! We recommend and install whole home generators from the leading supplier, Generac.

Generac home backup generators draw fuel from your existing natural gas or LP fuel supply. These generators are much safer and cheaper to run than portable units and are installed safely outside your home, just like a central air conditioning unit.

These generators are known as “standby generators”. This means that they turn on automatically, without any action from the owner. Within seconds of an outage, you will be back online! Once power is restored, it will also automatically power off, safely and securely.

The Takeaway?

It is impossible to know when a blackout is going to happen, so having a strong electrical backup generator is essential. Nearly everything in our houses require electricity to work, and there is no guarantee that power will also be available.

We at New England Electrical are committed to ensuring you get the best generator for your home or business. Our free in-home consultations assess which size, type, and location would benefit you the most. Call us today or book online to know more!