Modify Transfer Switches For Convenience and Safety

Home energy efficiency is important. And efficiency is key, particularly in the case of a power outage.

You may already have a whole home generator installed, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it. Additionally, there are some improvements in routing emergency generator power that are worth looking into.

Let’s talk about a simple modification to your transfer switches that can save stress and headaches, provide efficient power and convenience when you need it.

What are Transfer Switches?

Essentially, a transfer switch switches electricity between two different sources. The NEC (National Electric Code) requires that generators have a properly installed transfer switch. Power can be instantly switched to your generator, resulting in a quick and reliable transfer of power.

A qualified electrician or electrical contractor service can handle these modifications for you. The less your family is affected by a sudden power outage, the better!

Beware of Vampire… Electronics?

Vampire electronics are devices and appliances that drain energy even when they are not in use, or even while switched off! Certain computers, printers, furnaces, TV’s, or even the microwave can drain power while not in use. It’s best to disconnect these electronics during a power outage, but it’s also easy to forget!

A simple modification by a qualified professional electrician can reduce or eliminate these drains when power is needed the most – By determining sources of power drain -including vampire electronics- wiring your home generator to power only the circuits you choose, there is less waste, more savings, and full peace of mind.

Prioritize You!

By ensuring that only priority rooms are given energy in an emergency, you’re choosing to prioritize who and what matters most.

Generac whole home generators are an excellent way to stay comfortable and safe during power outages. This simple modification can give you even more assurance that your family will be cared for when disaster strikes.