Landscape Lighting in Trumbull, CT Can Contribute to a Safe Summer

Landscape lighting in Trumbull, CT can give your yard a stunning look for the outdoor activities of summer. People often remark that it turns nighttime yards into glistening fairy lands. The benefits go way beyond appearance. Installing the right lighting also enhances safety so you and your guests can explore your property unscathed. Here are areas of your yard where you should consider extra lighting:

  • Stairs: Homeowners often believe their porch lights are sufficient for stairs. However, while your visitors see the stairs well enough to know that they are there, the lights will not give many suggestions as to number or depth. By installing small lights on each stair or just running a line of them up and down stairways, you create a safer staircase that is easier to see. Since nothing will disrupt a party or get-together quicker than a 911 call and an insurance claim, this investment is more than worth it.
  • Pathways: If you put in the effort to install pavers, you likely want to highlight them with colored or embellished lighting at night. It can make your pathway glow and give your yard a magical look. This also makes it easier for your guests to use the pathway. The extra lights will allow people to see where there is uneven terrain or loose stones so they do not trip on them.
  • Water features: That fountain or fishpond is likely the highlight of your yard. It offers peace, and if you install a waterfall or riverbed, you get to enjoy the sound of running water. Unfortunately, these features also have a dark side. Small children can drown in them, and when the sun sets, it can make it harder for adults to supervise them. Adding lights helps you see potential disaster before anything bad occurs. Many homeowners also consider a lighted fence to prevent this hazard.
  • Pools: Homeowners choose to light pools for the same reason why they light water features. You do not want people walking into the pool because they do not see where the cement ends and the pool begins. Also, if you choose different colors, you make it into a water feature on its own, even if people are not coming over to swim.
  • Doors and doorknobs: No one enjoys fumbling with door locks after a late night out. People unfamiliar with your home may also appreciate seeing a knob or latch more easily. This type of landscape lighting is more about convenience than safety. However, considering that there are circumstances where you or a family member may need to get into your home quickly, adding extra light helps in that endeavor.
  • Safety railings: If you enjoy a second-story porch, you likely have railings already installed. You can draw attention to the railings and the edge of your porch by adding lights along them. Depending upon the height of your railings, there is still a chance that someone can fall over them, so making them visible is always a prudent precaution.

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