How to Reset Your Breakers

When the power goes out in your home, it can cause a world of inconvenience. Food spoilage and damage to sensitive electronic devices are all common occurrences. A quick and easy way to troubleshoot this problem is to reset the electrical breaker.

If you find yourself in a position where the power goes out, check in with your neighbors and see if their lights are still on. If so, your best bet to resolve this predicament is to reset your breakers. Knowing how to accomplish this task can save you a bill from your local electrician in Trumbull, CT.

Breakers can trip for a myriad of reasons. In most situations, it is the result of too many electrical appliances plugged into one electrical circuit. Heat levels within the wiring become dangerous because it is drawing more electricity through the circuit than it was manufactured to do. When this happens, your home is at a substantially elevated fire risk. Electricians can assist you in determining the appropriate load amount for your home’s wiring.

Resetting your breaker

If you have found yourself in a situation where your breakers have flipped, here are the three elementary steps that will guide you through the process of resetting your breakers:

  • Find your breaker panel: The first step to restoring the power in your house is to find the breaker panel, which will most likely be in your garage. Once you find the breaker panel, switch off every breaker one by one. Modern systems may have breakers that flip automatically when overloaded—keep an eye out for any switch that looks out of place!
  • Reset your main breaker: Once you’ve turned every breaker off, it’s time to reset your main breaker. The main breaker may be located in your breaker panel; if not, it is most likely outside, near your meter. To reset the main breaker, switch it off and on two times. Afterward, leave the switch remaining in the on position.
  • Switch on all the breakers: To complete the reset process, return to your central breaker panel. One by one, switch every single breaker back to the on position. Once that’s done, your power should be restored! If you are continuing to experience an outage, however, you should reset each switch to the off position and wait for an electrician’s help.

Resetting your breaker is a necessary and easy skill to learn that can save you money and help you manage your home more effectively. You should always consult with a qualified electrician in Trumbull, CT before addressing any of your electrical needs, however. If you are frequently experiencing breaker issues, your local electrician may be able to provide you with rewiring services that can help your home withstand a higher electrical demand.

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