Hot Tub Season Is Here

Here in the Northeast, you may have noticed that the approaching winter cold has already set in. What does this mean for your home activities?

Obviously, travel for winter vacation is limited for many folks this year, so while you might not be making it to the islands this season, you may be enjoying an extended home vacation (or stay-cation!) It’s a great time to curl up indoors with your favorite hot drink by the fire. Outdoor activities aren’t off the table yet, though! Now is a great time to enhance your hot tub experience.

Hello Hot Tub, Goodbye Stress

It’s no secret that stress is bad for us. And who hasn’t had their fair share of stress this year? A hot tub is one of the most relaxing and stress-relieving activities that you can enjoy at home, even every night!

We tend to carry stress in our back and shoulders. After a long day, perhaps slumped over at a computer, the hot tub is a great way to ease those tired muscles and recharge. It also promotes a better night’s sleep, making the stress-relief last well into the next day!

Enhancing The Experience

While a hot tub is great all by itself, there are some improvements that help make the experience truly wonderful.

Lighting: Appropriate lighting over and around the hot tub helps to put you in a better state of mind and fully enjoy the experience. If your tub is situated in a backyard structure, garden lights or overhead outdoor lights are a great addition. Because of their proximity to water and exposure to elements, it’s important to choose these lights carefully and have them professionally installed for the best results.

Music: The sound of bubbling water is calming already. But the right music can enhance the ambiance while you soak, providing relaxing sounds or soothing melodies. You don’t have to lug the stereo back and forth every night to enjoy music by the hot tub: Outdoor speakers can be cleverly placed throughout your backyard or outdoor structures.

Towel Warmer: This handy device helps address the only negative thing about Hot Tubs: Getting out! Especially in the winter months, stepping out of your hot tub and wrapping yourself in a freezing cold towel isn’t fun. A towel warmer helps put the finishing touch on a wonderful evening in the hot tub, letting you wrap yourself in a comfy, toasty towel as you get out.

Bring The Family Together

A hot tub helps your family to relax, and can help bring everyone together, quite literally!

Sitting opposite each other in a relaxing setting helps to stimulate conversation. Children and teens may feel more open to talking and expressing their minds.

In short, a good hot tub can improve the quality of life that your family enjoys together.

Expert Hot Tub Help

If you’re ready to step up your hot tub game, we’re here to help!

We have decades of experience running all the wires for everything you need: The tub itself, lighting, outdoor speakers and entertainment, and more.

We also are experts in installation of the safety features that every permit-ready hot tub needs to have, like properly grounded electrical outlets and service disconnect switches and timers.

If you have questions, we’ve got answers! Get in touch to learn more about all our certified services, and what we can do for your home and family.