Have an Electrical Contractor in Trumbull, CT Install a Generac Standby Generator at Your Business

As a business owner, your time and your ability to take advantage of technology are important to your bottom line. An unexpected power outage can leave you scrambling and losing on value time needed to make an order or delivery. It can also prevent customers from buying your products and services, making your profits suffer. By adding a Generac standby generator to your business with the help of an electrical contractor in Trumbull, CT, you will have the backup power you need to ensure you remain operational in all situations.

Automatic backup power without interruption

An electrical contractor in Trumbull, CT can install a Generac standby generator at your business so that, when the main power grid goes out, it automatically powers up and provides you with electricity without delay or interruption. This will allow your business to remain on task and keep priorities where they need to be.

With a Generac standby generator, you will enjoy peace of mind that your business will not be affected as a result of a power outage. Operating on diesel, gaseous fuel or bi-fuel, your Generac standby generator can be configured to your business’ needs by an electrical contractor in Trumbull, CT so you have the power you need even when an electrical grid failure occurs.

A variety of Generac standby generators is available for you to select from, providing you with the correct power output for your business’ requirements. Whether you need a permanent, palletized Generac standby generator or a mobile unit to move around your property, an electrical contractor in Trumbull, CT can ensure you have the right electrical connections necessary to make sure the transfer of power occurs without hassle during an outage.

All the power you need, in an environmentally friendly package

With Generac’s commercial standby generators available from 750 KW to 2 MW, you’ll find a model that can power all your most critical requirements, whether you are a small business looking to keep the lights on for your customers or a large manufacturing plant that needs power to maintain its delivery and fulfillment. No matter what type of backup power system you need, an electrical contractor in Trumbull, CT can install the necessary electrical connections to ensure your generator starts up at the first sign of a power failure in the electrical utility grid.

Even if you have sensitive environmental requirements, a Generac standby generator can accommodate your needs, as the advancements in diesel engine technology have made these generators cleaner than ever before. If your business operates in an area with environmental concerns or you are looking to maintain a green profile for your company, Generac standby generators can adhere to your requirements. Plus, the variety of fuel types available offers greener options that will operate longer and cleaner.

With the assistance of an electrical contractor in Trumbull, CT, you can have your Generac standby power generator fitted to your current electrical system so power can feed directly to your facility without interruption. Contact New England Electrical Contracting, Inc. for all your electrical and Generac power needs. We are an authorized Generac dealer, and would love to introduce you to their quality products!