Five Reasons to Choose a Generac Generator

Whether you own a home or business, there will likely be at least one time in your life when a sudden power outage or strong storm will knock out your building’s electricity. This can be a major problem for business owners who need to remain functional or else lose profits, and can also be a big headache for homeowners who may have to wait hours until their heat, electronics and kitchen appliances can run again.

To avoid these problems, many home and business owners choose to install a generator that can keep the power on during the toughest of electrical circumstances. As experts in electrical installation in Trumbull, CT, we usually recommend that our customers select a generator from one of the top industry brands: Generac.

Founded in 1959, Generac has provided power solutions for over 60 years. The company manufactures a wide variety of generators for portable, residential, commercial and industrial use and is considered the premier manufacturer of home backup generators in the market. Choosing a Generac generator as a homeowner or business owner is a smart decision because of the numerous benefits the company’s products offer:

  • Superior quality: Generac is one of the leading providers of top-quality generators across the nation. The company is vertically integrated, meaning all parts of production and testing are created and managed by Generac, ensuring the highest quality and standards. Generac focuses almost exclusively on generators, making them the experts in power solutions and innovation.
  • Long-lasting: Generac generators have OVHI engines, which are the only engines on the market designed specifically for extended generator use. This means that the engines in your generators will last three to four times longer than other engines on the market, providing superior reliability.
  • Variety of options: Generac offers a wide variety of options with their generators, including numerous sizes, portability and power levels. You can install a generator specifically to keep your kitchen or heating system powered, or select one that can power your entire home or business.
  • Customer service: Customer service and satisfaction are top priorities for Generac. The company provides extensive resources such as how-to manuals and guides online, as well as access to a 24/7 customer care center. Additionally, Generac authorizes a wide selection of qualified professionals to provide electrical installation in Trumbull, CT, so you can always find help in your area.
  • Focus on sustainability: One of Generac’s major focuses is on reducing the company’s environmental impact. All Generac generators meet EPA standards, and the manufacturing process helps to reduce the company’s carbon footprint through thoughtful material use and emissions production.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Generac generator for your home or business, call New England Electrical Contracting, Inc. Our company is an authorized Generac dealer and is proud to offer sales, service and electrical installation in Trumbull, CT for residential and commercial generators. For more than a decade, we’ve also offered customers a wide range of electrical services, including electrical upgrades, repair, installation, new construction wiring and more. Give us a call today!