Five Must-Know Facts About Landscape Lighting in Trumbull, CT

There are several reasons why you may want to install landscape lighting in your backyard or on your business property, but two reasons stand out from the rest. One is to beautify your landscaping with things other than plants, and the other is for safety or security. You enjoy seeing your outdoor space during the daylight—now imagine being able to see your walkways, flower beds, trees, patio and garden aesthetics at night. Lighting makes it all shine, while this along with security lighting protects and keeps you, your family and property safe.

If you are looking to enhance your lighting design to create a beautifully landscaped space or a more secure area, then there are a few things you may want to consider before diving into a landscape lighting installation project.

With that in mind, here are five facts about landscape lighting in Trumbull, CT, as well as some important considerations every homeowner and business owner should take into account:

  • Overall cohesiveness: You might have designed your garden space to flow together. This makes it easier on the eyes, instead of forcing you and your guests to focus on a chaotic scene. With the right lighting design, your landscaping will make visual sense as it creates cohesion between plants, architecture, paths and other types of outdoor lighting.
  • Depth of illumination: A good thing for homeowners and business owners to know is that landscape lighting is about more than just placing a spotlight on areas, fixtures or plants. You want to get lighting professional installed to ensure that depth is a part of your setup. For instance, illuminating objects both close up and at a distance adds depth to the landscape when viewed from within a home or other building.
  • Light balance: Another important consideration is balance. Merely lighting up a portion of your landscape and leaving all other areas in the dark will throw off light balance. Instead, the areas of light and shadow should have a synchronized feel. Plants being lit up out of proportion lack a sense of design and can be confusing to viewers.
  • Focal points: Quality landscape lights offer you the chance to highlight specific features in your yard. For example, the pool or a certain tree may be a focal point all on its own during the day. To give every lovely aspect of your garden its time to shine—including fountains, statues, gazebos, arbors and plants—you can showcase them at night with landscape lighting. The key is to draw nighttime attention to an area or feature.
  • Visual ambience: Glaring lights, bright bulbs and oddly placed outdoor light fixtures can ruin a beautiful yard when what you want is constant visual appeal. These things are distracting and will make your lighting design seem ineffective.

Make sure you’re getting a quality landscape lighting installation in Trumbull, CT! Do your homework, know what you want and hire a professional who’s an expert at installing landscape lights. From being knowledgeable in landscape products to offering exceptional installation services, New England Electrical Contracting, Inc. is here to help. Contact us about your outdoor lighting needs today!