Five Facts About a Professional Electrician in Trumbull, CT That Might Surprise You

Electricity is a vital part of our society. Without electricity, you wouldn’t be able to power on many of your most important devices at home or at work—things like appliances, computers, televisions, heating and cooling systems, lights, Wi-Fi, coffee makers, security systems and a whole lot more. But we usually don’t realize just how much we rely on electricity until something suffers a power failure and we have to call an electrician.

Electricians only need to flip a switch to get the power back to normal, right? Well, it’s not always that simple. In fact, their role as “fixer of power problems” is much broader than most of us know!

Here are a few surprising facts you might not have known about a professional electrician in Trumbull, CT:

  • Master electrician training is long: Working with electricity is a delicate process, and it can become dangerous very quickly. That is why master electricians train for almost as long as doctors do, because even the smallest error can result in a seriously hazardous situation. Classroom and hands-on training go for many years before someone becomes a licensed electrician, and then they need three additional years in the field in order to apply to be a master electrician.
  • There’s more than one specialty to practice: Like in the medical field, electricians have several areas of specialty to choose to work in. First, their main job is to maintain, repair or replace electrical systems in residential homes and other structures. While electricians are specialists in either electrical engineering or maintenance, some professionals train in both. They also get to choose to specialize in the area of residential, commercial, industrial or outdoor power sources, with some electricians working in more than one area.
  • Electricians perform safety checks: While you hired an electrician to safely bring power back to your residence, you need to understand that they will always keep safety in mind when making repairs. They carry out safety checks and adhere to state safety regulations, which are in place to avoid electrical hazards. Professional electricians are well versed in these safety regulations and also follow appropriate building codes during electrical installation or repairs.
  • Electricians have a broad range of skills: From wiring new buildings to rewiring older homes, trained electricians perform a range of functions that go beyond simply installing light fixtures. Many electricians also perform electrical inspections and tests, as well as residential and commercial maintenance, and electrical engineers fix elaborate systems to ensure building safety. Furthermore, they have good math skills and can read blueprints.
  • Electricians are problem solvers: Often, someone calls for electrical help without knowing precisely what the problem is. Luckily, a huge part of your electrician’s job is to identify, diagnose and evaluate issues, whether the problem is immediately apparent or something of a mystery.

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