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Landscape Lighting in Trumbull, CT Can Contribute to a Safe Summer

July 15, 2016

Landscape lighting in Trumbull, CT can give your yard a stunning look for the outdoor activities of summer. People often remark that it turns nighttime yards into glistening fairy lands. The benefits go way beyond appearance. Installing the right lighting also enhances safety so you and your guests can explore your property unscathed. Here are…

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Six Ideas for Landscape Lighting Installation in Trumbull, CT That Can Enhance Your Pool

July 1, 2016

Summer is finally here, and enjoying your pool is likely a big highlight of the season. While it provides joy and entertainment, you can also turn it into a water feature with landscape lighting installation in Trumbull, CT courtesy of your electrical contractor. There may also be ways to make your pool area less dangerous.…

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Always Perform an Electrical Inspection Before You Buy a New Home

June 15, 2016

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased a new home. It’s the biggest investment you’ll ever make, but buying a new home without a proper electrical inspection could be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make. A standard home inspection briefly checks the electrical aspects of your new home, but only a residential electrician in Trumbull, CT will take…

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Four Reasons to Leave Electrical Work in Trumbull, CT to a Professional

June 1, 2016

As a homeowner, you probably have the skills to fix pretty much anything that goes wrong around your house. From a leaky pipe all the way to a faulty electrical system, you don’t need to call a professional to help you with anything. Or so you think… You may very well have some skills, but…

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DIY Electrical Work in Trumbull, CT: Replacing Damaged Circuit Breakers

May 15, 2016

There are two types of electrical jobs: those that just about anyone can do and those that only trained professionals can and should attempt—you’ll either fall at one end of the extreme or the other. This is because electrical work in Trumbull, CT can be tremendously dangerous if approached by an inexperienced person, resulting in…

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Five Ways Residential Surveillance Camera Installation in Trumbull, CT Will Benefit Your Home

May 1, 2016

It used to be that homeowners who installed surveillance cameras on their residential properties were looked at incredulously. Why would anyone need to have cameras where they live? Is your neighborhood really that unsafe? Today, however, not only are IP cameras and constant video feeds common, they’re useful far beyond just serving as a security…

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Make Sure Your Hot Tub or Spa is Wired for Summer

April 19, 2016

Is there anything as relaxing as dipping into a hot tub or sliding into a spa and turning on the jets? If you work hard every day and live for the weekends, probably not! That’s why it’s so important to make sure that as soon as the summer season is here, your hot tub or…

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Go Green

April 6, 2016

The POWER-SAVE 1200™ unit is designed to provide significant savings on electric bills, increase the life of electrical motors and provide surge protection for the entire home or facility. The POWER-SAVE 1200™ unit fine-tunes, electrical systems by reducing electrical energy waste. Using methods employed at large industrial complexes, now reduced to a compact consumer-level unit,…

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Get Ready for Summer with Landscape Lighting!

April 3, 2016

Who doesn’t love spending time outdoors on a warm summer’s evening? Being able to take in the beautiful atmosphere at night is amazing. But, unfortunately, on night’s when the stars might be hidden by overcast clouds, spending time outside might be difficult due to pitch black conditions! If you’re trying to beat back the darkness…

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