Best Spots for Landscape Lighting in Trumbull, CT

If you are considering landscape lighting for safety and beauty in your home, there may be spots in your yard or porches you completely overlook. Many people adapt to inconvenience or believe they know their spaces well enough to avoid a trip and fall. However, with summer coming up, you will likely have more yard or pool parties, which increases the possibility of guests having accidents. Here are six spots to consider installing new landscape lighting in Trumbull, CT:

  • Stairs: Porch lights do not always illuminate stairs. That makes it easy to trip on them or even miss the staircase altogether, causing falls. With the right light, your visitors will not only find the staircase, but also know the number of steps and their depth, making them safer. Besides overhead lights, consider putting light ropes on each stair to really make them visible. Nothing will put a damper on a barbecue or pool party quicker than a 911 call, so make your stairs easier to navigate.
  • Railings: Lighting stairs makes an enormous safety difference, and you can enhance that further by also lighting the railings. Place lighting on porch railings, too, so people are less likely to fall over them after drinking too much. If you have a pool, light the railings near steps or ladders so guests always know where they can enter and exit the pool.
  • Deadbolts: If a porch light burns out while you are out, getting back into your house may be an awkward exercise. No one enjoys fumbling for a keyhole after a night out, so consider lighting deadbolts and other door locks, too. Visitors will find knobs easily and you will never struggle with your key, even when the porch light is out. This also helps if you need to enter your home quickly.
  • Hardscapes: Stone patios in a central position and paver paths create dramatic effects for all yards. You can make them glow at night with the right strategic lighting. Guests can also enjoy these features better since the lights help them see loose stones or uneven terrain.
  • Pools and hot tubs: Hot summer days are perfect for swimming except for one disadvantage: sunburn. Rather than worry about your risk of cancer, you can swim or use your hot tub at night and reduce this danger. However, that is impossible without hot tub or pool lights. Allow us to illuminate your pool or hot tub so you can enjoy it 24/7.
  • Water features: Lighting for pools and hot tubs makes them useful for nighttime and turns them into glowing features. The same effect also works for fountains or fishponds, which often remain daytime scenery. If you have a waterfall or riverbed, the light becomes especially magical and offers an otherworldly appearance. This all helps safety, too. Small children are at risk of drowning in uncovered pools and water features, and keeping these amenities in the dark increases that risk. Add lights and make it easier to watch younger guests hanging out in your back yard.

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