Before the Next Disaster: Protect Your Property

The best time to prepare for a natural disaster is before it happens.

We’re reminded of how true it is, every time we watch the news. It seems there are more natural disasters than ever! We all want to be prepared, but it’s often easier said than done.

Putting things off is not ideal, because disasters can occur when we least expect. Here are some easy steps that all homeowners and commercial property owners can take to prepare now to secure their electrical systems and prevent costly property damages.

The danger of not preparing

Extended loss of power can cause many other property-threatening problems. If you have a basement in a flood zone, power loss may prevent your sump pump from functioning properly, leading to flooding and water damage. Lack of electrical heating systems will lower a homes temperature to the outdoor ambient temperature. This can cause pipes to within the walls to freeze, leading to ruptures, and indoor flooding.

Take for example, what happened in Texas this year, when the state was hit by an intense cold-snap: Many families were without power for days, causing pipes to burst, flooding homes, creating millions of dollars in property damages, and sadly, causing the loss of life in some hard-hit areas.

Much of this could have been avoided with proper preparation, including home generators to keep important electrical systems going.

Today’s preparation is tomorrow’s success

A properly installed whole-home generator is a great first step to prevent a variety of bad things from impacting our property. Knowing that your property has a reliable and certified generator offers great peace of mind.

When wiring is a problem

Aside from maintaining power, the electrical wiring in our houses should also be checked on a schedule. Perhaps not every year, but definitely not once a decade! Many electricians recommend getting things checked out every 3-5 years.

Why is this important? Over the years, safety standards are typically updated. These safety standards protect our homes and the people and valuables in them. Due diligence in this regard can prevent costly repairs due to electrical wiring failure, and ensure that our power safely travels throughout our homes.

Let us help you prepare for the worst

As a fully licensed and insured electrical contracting establishment, we are more than qualified to help you prepare your home or commercial property now for anything that could come. We’re committed to giving you the best service possible, with professional guidance and advice. Get in touch for a custom property estimate and let us prove to you that our team is the best at what we do.