Basements – Practical Solutions For Their Inherent Dangers

If you’re anything like us, you would never say no to more space!  Here in the Northeast, many of us are equipped with a basement area or cellar. There are many reasons for this, one of the largest being that foundations should be built below the frost line.

With our cool climate in the wintertime, and a frost line several feet below the surface, many homes and even business owners are equipped with a basement. Whether you use it for storage, or sport a beautiful finished area, there are several reasons why a whole home generator may be a wise addition to your subterranean space.


It can be a challenge to find a creative way to enjoy a comfortable, naturally lit space while underground. The threat of a power outage can go from annoying to downright dangerous if you are caught unaware in an enclosed, perfectly dark space. Our Generac whole home generators are excellent at keeping you from a surprise blackout! With their near-instant, automatic backup power, the fear of a pitch-black basement becomes a thing of the past.


Perhaps the most important reason to have a professionally installed standby generator is the danger of flooding. If your house is equipped with a sump pump, it is critical that it remain powered. Whether you live in a flood zone or not, basements can be prone to issues with waterproofing. This issue is compounded even further if there is a storm.

If a sump pump loses power, a basement will rapidly fill with water. The financial damage of a flooded basement, especially if it is finished, can be astronomical. There is also the emotional weight of losing cherished possessions. While a sump pump is key to preventing this, a power outage will render it inoperable. Installing a backup, standby generator with your basement sump pump wired in will provide a family or business owner with peace of mind during even the strongest storm.


When a basement becomes humid, moist, or damp, there are additional threats aside from water damage. Mold and smells can cause more than frustrations. If you are sensitive to smells, diagnosed with asthma, or have a condition that affects your breathing, a damp basement will become a health concern. The purchase of a dehumidifier becomes essential if you have a damp basement. It can also save time and energy to have the dehumidifier drain directly into a drain, even a sump pump.

While a basement is a great addition to most homes, even necessary at times, they come with inherent dangers. A wired, standby generator can make all the difference in the world. At New England Electrical, our job is to give you peace of mind before disaster strikes with our expert attention to your electrical needs. Reach out today and learn more about our certified services and award-winning service.