4 Reasons To Choose a Generac Home Generator

The search for a practical, cost-efficient, and quality standby generator can be frustrating. New England Electrical Contracting is a certified Generac dealer, but what sets us apart over another generator installation company? With the number of options available, why would you choose one of our Generac brand generators?

Consider four major reasons why we guarantee our products and our service:

Cost Savings

The size of your home and number of powered appliances are the primary factors determining the cost of a generator. Regardless of whether you own a smaller home or a larger commercial building, you’re likely still interested in getting the best price for your investment.

Generac home backup generators are on average the most cost-effective on the market. With lower maintenance needs and no need for manual refueling, the initial and monthly costs are greatly reduced in the long run.

Daily Diagnostics

The worst happens: A power outage, whether from storm or snow, and now you’re without power. You have a generator, but it’s not working! As horrible as that sounds, it’s certainly possible without an automated warning system in place.

Generac generators come pre-installed with a monitoring system that works for you automatically, daily, without any extra work on your part. If daily notifications sound like too much, don’t worry! At New England Electrical Contracting, we take an extra step to make the process even less involved: We can take these diagnostic reports on your behalf so that we can make sure you’re 100% prepared in case of an outage.

Proof’s In the …Parts!

Most of us know that engines require oil to stay in operation, but it’s a pain to replace. When you’re relying on a technician for maintenance it can become even more pricy.

Most Generac Generators have pressurized lubrication which prevents even more wear and tear. The enclosures are either sturdy steel or corrosion-resistant aluminum. With generators designed to be as quiet as possible, even the commercial generators offer noise levels less than conventional A/C units at less than 70 decibels.

A Proven Track Record

The fact is, Generac Whole Home Electric Generators are preferred by 7 of 10 homeowners who invest in a standby generator. That makes them the #1 selling brand of home backup generators.

With our local U.S. manufactured generators, and our New England Electrical guaranteed maintenance and service plans, let us help you get set up with an estimate and plan to suit your needs.