Home Theater and Audio

home theaterOnce completed, installing a home audio or theater system is an investment that rewards you and your family day-in and day-out. But getting there is a challenge that, left to the do-it-yourself approach, can lead to a rat’s nest of wires and components that simply don’t work well together.

Simple flat-screen TVs with accompanying amplifiers and speakers can tax existing electrical outlets and the circuits that feed them. Hiring a professional electrician ensures that things are up to code and up to snuff for your long-term enjoyment. High-end systems present even more complex challenges, with the need for long cable runs to feed rear speakers, side speakers and subwoofers.
Professional installation will hide those wires and provide attractive junction boxes for hooking everything up, without the dangers or eyesore of exposed wires.

Installing a home theater also requires a wide range of components – from your television and audio-video receiver to DVD players, cable boxes and satellite receivers – to work in harmony. Hiring a professional ensures that when you push the button on your remote, the system responds as intended – every time.

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