Add Surge Protection to Your Electrical Installation in Trumbull, CT

Today’s homes contain more electronics than ever before. That leaves them vulnerable to lightning and one good jolt could shut down your computers, sound systems and home theaters in a literal flash. If you are looking at a fresh or upgraded electrical installation in Trumbull, CT, consider adding whole-house surge protection. Here are some reasons why this is the best way to keep your electronics safe:

  • Protects for the long term: The plug-in surge protectors many people use for their computers and other electronics offer protection for only one surge. They sustain the damage that would otherwise be inflicted on your valuables. With a whole house surge protection system, you will enjoy protection through multiple incidents. Considering that most surges are often generated by homeowners and not always due to lightning, this adds reassurance.
  • Electronics are more vulnerable now: If you have LED lighting, your bulbs each have a circuit board. Washers and dryers also have circuit boards, as do dishwashers and other appliances. This makes them more susceptible to surges than their counterparts from the past that did not contain advanced parts or computer technology. Whole-home surge protection is a new reality with these technologically advanced appliances.
  • Works for all appliances: A plug-in surge protector only protects the items connected to it. Homeowners often insist on surge protectors for computers, but may not do the same for air conditioning units or washers and dryers. These appliances run on their own circuits, but if there is a surge, they will push additional surges back through the interior wiring. That damages items not using surge protectors, as well as most of the electrical system. Whole-house surge protection keeps this from occurring.
  • It is double-layered: Whole-home surge protection systems protect the interior wiring and the appliances plugged into it. While having your computer, for example, plugged into a surge protector will protect it, that will not prevent the surge from damaging your electrical system. In fact, it is very possible for your wiring to be shot but your appliances to remain functional. However, that does not help you if you need to arrange for a home rewiring.
  • There are many options: You can find whole-home systems rated up to 80kA. Your contractor can help you determine the best level of protection depending on the frequency of lightning in your area and the vulnerability of your appliances. Surges over 10kA in homes are very rare, but some homeowners feel better erring on the side of overkill—especially if work or hobbies rely on functioning electronics.
  • Reasonable price: A whole-home surge protection system is very cost effective, especially when compared to what you would pay to replace electronics and appliances. Even if you can claim the damages on a homeowner’s policy, it still takes time to repair the wiring and receive new items to replace those damaged by the surge.

If you would like to add surge protection to your electrical installation in Trumbull, CT, contact New England Electrical Contracting, Inc. today.